Not my best post.

Watched this video recently and it got me thinking. Not talking about the video though.

I took to friends and asked a question, what’s a relationship?

Someone with whom you share a connection, an understanding, interest, and so on.

It’s not news that society has taught us to be sort of conscious to our need of people and little do we bother about their need of us. We respond to people based on how they treat us.

Note that am not trying to undermine the fact that we do our best for people and sometimes run out of patience with their irregularities, but answer me.

How many times have you grown weary of your siblings and still not ended the relationship you share with them?

So maybe next time if someone asks for your opinion on what relationship is, think home, think family, think self. Our mere existence proves that we weren’t created to exist in isolation. You have to choose who you walk or work with and you have to choose right.

Its a relationship, friends, dating, colleagues, classmates and so on. You just have to place people in order of preference or value and ensure you take responsibility for how your treated and how you treat others.

The first relationship you cultivate is with yourself, you can never give (emphasis on GIVE) What you’re not and what you don’t have. So have about I ask you this, what is a relationship?


Creatures of habit

“We are creatures of habit” .

The old saying goes.

Creatures that so easily become adapt to any situation we find ourselves in and this irrespective of whether it is demeaning or elating.

Am not talking about habits we can just classify as good or bad: no, but such that are brought about by virtue of situation. You don’t walk on fire boldly pressing your full weight to the ground. You kinda try to limp across and that’s if you even have to. You don’t do away with a fruit only to eat the seed.

The charge has been that we watch out habits, they become character. How about situational habit leading to character. We then should watch what we put ourselves through and ensure that we do not lose ourselves in trying to get through life.


Your fire

Spent most of my day on a chore, agriculturally inclined and while at it, I kept on being beseeched by the thought of the fire that lies within me and how I seldom………… to be frank, hardly take advantage of its pricking, prompting, urging

Let’s call it any of those.

We have in US an enormous amount of talents some may even say abilities. So adjustable and adaptive. Somewhat


Yours in words.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot. It took me over a year and a month to bring myself to jotting a few words again only to struggle to put two and two together. Consistency does go a long way in the development of once talent, you keep going at it long enough and you get sharper with every attempt. Just as it’s said that Iron sharpens Iron, consistency prunes the rough edges and further brings out beauty where less beauty was seen.

I have always been a strong believer in my abilities, they are quiet many but truth be told, one only ends up a master of none in such cases.

Do I know what I want to write about?

Of course I do, I have decided to make my post less lengthy, as it would make easy to read and it would keep me from being so consumed and get carried away.

Allow me welcome myself back and to you I apologize for the break in transmission.

Yours in words.



It’s not all the time you meet people for the first time. I mean it’s really not that often; take for instance you hop into a commercial bus full of people or a shopping mall which is normally full with people. I still maintain though, it’s not always we meet new people. Never mind my starting statement nor choice of thought this day, what brings us close to each other is our pursuit more than always; our hobbies, academics, associations and the likes. But yet we associate differently. I had classmates whom I barely said hello to and well they returned the favor too by keeping shut. 

A wide and wild look at our surrounding today will reveal all types of people who on their own terms or in their own zones make life a lot fun for those they are acquainted to but the occasional stranger may not get a simple smile, wink or hello. We are all the same as much as we are so different. 

I met a stranger, amazingly it was fun and so unpredictable was what followed. Conversations and compliments soon made it seem as though we had known each other from way back, a high level of mutual respect displayed even though I know it’s a matter of time before over familiarity would come into play. But nonetheless, the foundation was well laid. 

Ever stopped to wonder if only you had said hello, or smiled, winked or just enjoyed that conversation maybe just a slim maybe, you would have made a new friend or a great one, an acquaintance a connection or better still; would have touched someone or make them feel needed, wanted, loved.

I met a stranger, amazingly it was fun and it still is. 



 About a few minutes to 3am & here I was, finally in bed. Wouldn’t have use that tune if I succeeded to make it to bed two or three hours earlier but I could not seem to find a way to put of the tv series I was hooked to. Well there was this other desire to watch as much as I could before the lights went out & that was besides me hoping the light stayed all night.  There are a lot of things to be thankful for as I lay in bed, picked up my phone & began to press her keypads; there was the rains, a lil bit of hot sun earlier on during the day, good food & I could go on & on with all this reason to be so in tune with the night light. 

  The thought about when last I had made a post up for my blog came to mind & I yielded to write. Unlike a few times in the past where I would just shelve the thought & get distracted in thoughts, here I am. I have quite a few times felt I wasn’t writing well or let me say “good stuff” & this had a way of eating away any thought I either had penned down or was planning to. I would give it the “is it good stuff”? Analysis & am sure you can figure out the outcome. 

  I read blog posts daily & I most say here that it’s always a great experience stepping into someone’s thoughts or thinking, it always allows me feel this connection with fellow brothers & sisters in ink or in this case “thoughts”. 

  Am so happy that whether I write or not, there is always a post some that complements my day. 



Thinking about being there and not seen seems to be an attribute for objects, and maybe character displayed by a person or anyhow you feel you want to place it.To be hidden is actually to hide; Yea we do hide, our weaknesses, flaws, inability to meet up. Doesn’t mean that such is in plane sight but let’s pause for a bit and take it all in.

Is it low esteem that we hide what’s not appealing to us or should we say it’s the fear of being judged, we all tend judge people so it’s not really a mistake that we perceive being judged by others, we should expect it. I had an experience back in my school days when I was adjudged to be invisible (not noticed) after a 4year study program by my academic adviser & a fellow academic colleague, this was a surprise to me cause over the course of time I had on various occasions ran into this two persons of interest & exchanged shallow pleasantries.  

Could I have been hiding in plane sight? I fall Under the group of individuals that will do anything to avoid getting noticed and am not alone I promise you this. We find solace in being there but not seen, speaking when no one is listening and there is no knowing how much of what we can take in by way of observation. I love the art of hiding in plane sight even though I won’t go as far as saying am great at it.